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It all started with a Granola Bar…

It all started with a granola bar…actually it all started with Cancer but lead to the search for a better, healthier granola bar. We found a recipe that is very simple and tastes better than the store-bought equivalent.

Eventually this search expanded into a larger selection of recipes, most of them modified just enough to make them slightly healthier, often in response to the over use of High Fructose Corn Syrup which is in almost all of our food these days.

Rather than always buying the national or store brand versions of foods we can easily make at home, we embarked on a quest to improve what went into our mouths. In a sense we set out to prove the old adage right that  “Garbage in = Garbage out.” and therefore decided to go against the grain and control as much as possible going into our bodies.

If it comes in a box or a can and has a shelf life…we are going to try to avoid it

Finding so much of our foods have been stripped of their original nutrients and natural vitamins it’s no wonder we as a people are sick all the time. Too many chemicals in our lives, in our foods and in our bodies.

So we as a family have opted to make what we can, buy smarter and make better choices when shopping, when cooking and when eating out. And we are reading labels. In the overall process so far, we are already feeling better.

We plan to share what has worked for us. We plan on sharing recipes and good foods, hints and subtle changes in daily routines we’ve made that have allowed us to be as healthy as possible and avoid being sick.

We can only control so much, but better to control what you can than just take what is given (or made available) in lieu of spending a little extra time to prepare foods that are healthy and better for you in the first place.

This weblog is a work in progress. Please be patient with us. Comments are encouraged and always welcome.

Thank You.

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